Monday, June 11, 2007

New Challenge

Tonight we are going to do a fantastic job! We are to help a brother to drive out the oppression or demon in his body! Wow, that's great!

Monday, June 4, 2007

God talking to me today

Today is the 4th of June 2007. I turned on the Goodtv and it was showing Pastor Joel Osteen preaching on "Make yourself happy". What Pastor Joel was talking shocked me as he was saying something which had been hovering in my heart for a long time.
'Quit time to be the keeper of the universe'
'Give them to God and let God do the job on them'
"You are not responsible for your wife's happiness"

"You are not responsible for your child's happiness"
"You are responsible for yourself's happiness"
"You always giving , you always encouraging, you become a crutch of somebody"
"He has to take responsibility to keep himself happy"
"It is not always the best thing to help somebody to solve his problem"
"It is not always the best thing to make somebody easy"
"Too easy for somebody would create a wrong mindset; wrong attitude that they would take things for granted and would not appreciate you"
"People overwork mostly out of quilt"
"Not to let the controlling spirit to manupulate you"
"True friends understand; if they are unhappy because you could not help them, they are manupulating you. They are not your true friends"
"Somebody does not pressure you and not making you feel quilty, he/she is your true friend."
"Refer to Songs Of Solomon 1:6"
"Do not let people run your own life. They are not interested in you. They are not concern about you. They just care for themselves only"
"Quit manupulating people, if you want to be blessed"
"First priority is to make sure you are happy"
You see, I have been wishing to do something according to my liking, which is my hobby or delight. Very often I have to give it up for the sake of my wife, my children, my parents and my siblings when they were young. I sort of sacrifice for them. Of course, this was not disclosed to them. So this thing been dragging on from the time I was a bachelor to the present time I am old already. Of course, I had to occupy myself with other things when I could not pursue my original object.
After getting married and I had to make my wife happy by giving up my personal likings and so. After having children, I had to think of them whenever I wanted to do something my own! So, it has been carrying on until today when my children are grown up and I still have to think of them when I want to pursue something!
Like what Pastor Joel said, I have indirectly letting these people to be manupulating my life that I cared for their happiness and had neglected my own happiness. But that was not so bad if what I sacrificed is appreciated. Now they take for granted and take it naturally as if that should be the way!
That's exactly what Pastor Joel said they had developed a wrong mind-set and worng attitude.
Now, I come to think about it and realised my wife had changed from loving me to manupulating me. My children had changed from appreciating me to that was my duty and just take everything for granted.
I asked myself that was it my fault for building up their present attitude? That would mean my love had changed them to become unappreciative and manupulative?
I strongly believe God was talking to me through His servant Pastor Joel Osteen.
I should know what is the next step I should take now.