Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, after more than a year.....

Wow, it is more than a year since the last time I penned something on my blog. Being encouraged by my daughter who is so enthusiastic in blogging and after reading those famous blogger sites, I began to rethink of writing something for myself to recall in future and also at the same time can share with my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord Jesus told His disciples, the seventy-two He appointed to go to every town and place where the harvest is plentiful. "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, The kingdom of God is near you.* Luke10:9

Last night I went with The Elijah Challenge Ministry to a church in Setapak where the believers of Jesus Christ were taught The Elijah Challenge to heal the sick to equip themselves as disciples of Christ to evangelize so as to fulfil the Great Commission. The Elijah Challenge Ministry's main purpose is to equip the believers of Christ to evangelise following the way of Jesus to heal and preach the Gospel to save souls. The believers of this church was enthusiastic and their faith was strong that though this was the first night, they did the healing of the infirm, mainly believers having pains in shoulders, hands, legs, backs, heads and stomach, which are physically felt and detectable. Praise the Lord! I was indeed thankful to the Lord seeing the brothers and sisters being healed with their pains gone as one by one they went up the stage to testified glorifying God! Awesome is our Lord! They are being taught to build up their faith to the level where their faith would become the Moutain Moving Faith that they can go out later to evangelize and save souls. Hallelujah.