Sunday, January 17, 2010


Either rightly or wrongly I was taught years ago in a pastoral counseling class that every church has a church boss—and very often it isn't the pastor. Almost always, wherever people are together, there is someone who wants to be in control. The church is no different because we are all fellow strugglers—sinners saved by grace—and, unfortunately, we won't be free from conflict until we get to heaven.

I recall some years ago in the church where I was a member how I said to the pastor about a "control freak" that if he (the pastor) didn't get rid of this man, he would do his utmost to get rid of him (the pastor). He almost did and caused great harm to the church. So what do we do with these "mutagens"? It's tough I know, but there are times when tough love is called for, and we have to do what we have to do. For if we have a "cancer" and don't get rid of it, the cancer will get rid of us.

It may be a bit crude, but when they threw troublemaker Jonah overboard, there was a great calm. At the very least, discipline is needed to reform "mutagens." If this fails, then the Jonah principle may need to be applied to save the many from the damage by the least.

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pam said...

hey.. i like this! ;-)

pam said...

agree! 100%.

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