Monday, October 20, 2008

These two weeks I always saw a newly saved sister who always showed her smiling face. My wife said she had changed so much and she looked much younger and healthier and sweeter. She was saved in the hospital when she was going for a knee operation(Osteoarthritis). After the operation she can walk briskly and enjoying her new health. Before her operation, her leg was swollen and she rather pulled along her leg instead of walking as she was having the severe nerve pain then. She told us her sister and her sister's church pastor went to visit her in the hospital while she was there and they prayed for her and told her the Good News. She was then saved though her husband was still not aware of her change. She would laughingly told us she now worshipped the One True God while her husband was still praying to the idols. Wow, she was so strong in her Faith!
I always saw a sister in my church who was always giving me the impression she was hurrying here and there and seemed to have a lot of questions in her head. I sympathized with her as she is a Chrisitian for more than 25years! Why is that she is not like the newly saved sister who is always smilng and happy!

Here is the problem. The other night when Rev John Ng was preaching in the Healing Rally he commented we Christians had to love our Lord fervently . We should not be cold and without fire. Oh, there is the reason! Very often, we "longtime" Christians tend to become indifferent if we stayed in the church for too long without going out to reach those unsaved souls outside, like joining the mission trips.

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pam said...

you're right dad.. or perhaps, they're not cold. they're lukewarm. going to church has become religious or routine, and sometimes being in church doesn't mean you "connect to" God. The fire needs to live on, forever. ;) amen.

nice pic dad! ;-)