Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The title of the sermon on the BCM's 47th Convocation Night is FINISH STRONG.

Rev Issac Chan began his preaching: "In Ministry it is not how well you began. But it is how well you ended". He gave the example of King Saul who started strong in the Bible but ended disastrously. The other example is Paul who started miserably but ended strong. He gave three points which would help us to finish strong:

1. one needs to remain humble.
2. one needs to remain teachable.
3. one needs to remain accountable.
All in all, one needs to watch his life in doctrine.

Well, it is so true. If we remain humble, remain teachable and remain accountable and watch our life in doctrine, following the doctrine strictly in our everyday life, I believe we can finish strong. Amen.

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