Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Healing ;病得医治

Remember in my earlier blog I asked why are there Christians fell sick and why are there Christians healed but fell sick again (为什么我们又看到有弟兄姐妹病倒了呢?为什么又有弟兄姐妹病得医治了切又再复发了呢)?
In The Elijah Challenge book of Introduction To The End Time Model Of Evangelism where the author Rev William Lau, who is the founder of The Elijah Challenge Ministry, said evil spirits, including those which cause infirmities, may attempt to return to afflict the person who has been healed. In such cases, the person may feel the symptoms returning, or resurface in another part of his body. The person should repent and receive Jesus, live a life of obedience, and fill his "house" with the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are referred to the Gospel of Luke11:24-26 and Gospel of John5:14
Christians should be obedient to follow the teaching of Christ Jesus and seek God steadfastly so that one is "sanctified" and there is no opening for the evil spirit or the spirit of infirmity to enter into the "body".

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