Monday, November 17, 2008

Hold Firm To The Word Of GOD

I received this inspirational email from the This passage just hit on my mind and I want all my friends to share. Seems we can use things we observe from our everyday life to practise in our walk with the Lord. We just can learn so many things.


I pulled out of my driveway heading for my mom's and noticed a katydid on my windshield.
This is rare for the area I live in since it is more city than farm or wooded area. For those of you who do not know what a katydid is, it is similar to a grasshopper. It is green but has a flat body whereas the grasshopper has a round body and is more brown colored.
As I accelerated, I noticed the wind was making his body flutter, but the legs were securely attached to the windshield. I was sure he would lose his battle to the wind, but he kept hanging on, body fluttering in the wind. He did this for a couple of miles.
As I slowed down one time, he tried to re-adjust his footing. He released his grip on the windshield with just one leg and it was all over; he was gone.

The wind is our trials.
The windshield is like the word of God.
When we hold on to our "windshield" securely, we are secure.
When things start to settle down, we often loosen our grip on God's word. We start to rely on our strength and understanding rather than staying in God's word. That's when the trials come back and catch us unprepared and the trials drag us away.

If we hold firm to God's word, we will be ready for the trials as they come.
by Mike Stull, Chino, CA

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