Friday, November 21, 2008

Testimony for the Grace of our Lord

With reference to my October 20th post, this morning when I went to the coffee shop to have my breakfast, the smiling sister who operates a mee stall there told me that she had a testimony she wanted to share with me. While she was talking I could see her beaming smiles which was so touching. I was telling myself this is the type of Chrisitan we are lacking in churches nowadays. I was so happy as she showed her joy and she rejoiced in her experience in the walk with the Lord!

She was very worried the other day when there was no customer came to her stall. She phoned her good friend who was a mature Chrisitian. Her friend then prayed for her and reassured her that if there was still no customer to eat at her stall by 3pm, she would buy all the food in her stall. She told me that she was so shocked as all her food was sold out before 3pm after that prayer! Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! Our Lord has shown this newly born again sister He is the God who answered our prayer. Her beaming smile just told how she rejoiced in the Lord. I too was very happy and praise God for He is so faithful.

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